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Lion – Descriptive Text

Lion – Descriptive Text

Lion - Descriptive Text
Lion – Descriptive Text

Lion – Lions (Sanskrit: Siṃha, or in Latin: Panthera leo) are animal species from the felidae family or type of cat. Lions are animals that live in groups. Usually consists of one male and many females. This group is guarding its territory. The lion is between 10 and 15 years in the wild, but captivity allows more than 20 years.

The lioness is much more active in hunting, while the male lion is more relaxed to wait and ask for rations from the hunted females. Male lions are believed to be superior and mighty compared to other large cats, but the lion’s weakness is that it cannot climb trees as good as other large cats. The male lion is covered with thick fur around the nape of his neck, this is more beneficial to protect the nape of his neck, especially in free fights between large cats who tend to pounce on the nape to paralyze their enemies.

Other large cats, such as the cheetahs and leopards, are much smaller than a lion. Although they are from the same family as tigers, lions do not like water. In contrast to tigers who like water.

The lion is its habitat in the desert. These animals are classified as noctural, in a day 20 hours lying on rocks or under a shady tree. Each group consists of 1-6 males, 4-15 females. The territory of a group is between 20-400 km2. If the food runs out, the lioness looks for food for a whole day while expanding its territory. The task of the male lion is to protect the female from the other group’s male lion, and guard the territory. When seizing another group’s territory, a male who seizes another group will kill the lion cub that is in the group that was seized. The running speed of the male lion is 58 km / hour.

The food is meat, usually prey on large mammals that weigh around 50-500 kg. In addition, lions also prey on small mammals such as birds, reptiles, and insects. Lions usually hunt at night, but if in long grass that can cover the body can hunt during the day. Typically, female lions that hunt and hunt are monopolized by male lions.